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Sustainable and inclusive growth of overall rural development along with empowerment of Panchayath Raj Institutions.


  1. Empowering rural population to participate in rural development programmes for improving their quality of life.
  2. Providing rural infrastructure and socio-economic growth opportunities for the poor people in rural areas.
  3. Accountable and Efficient functioning of Panchayath Raj Institutions.
  4. Providing opportunity for rural livelihood by creating wage employment under MGNREGA and also by providing training, loan and employment to unemployed rural youth under NRLM. 


  1. To alleviate poverty through providing Self–Employment and Wage Employment.
  2. To strengthen the livelihood of the rural households by providing 100 days of guaranteed wage employment every year.
  3. To create qualitative and durable rural infrastructure within the time schedule paving way for meeting the requirements of the rural beneficiaries.
  4. To provide safe and adequate drinking water to all the rural habitations.
  5. To empower the Panchayath Raj Institutions.
  6. To improve the capacity of the elected representatives and the executives of the Panchayath Raj Institutions
  7. To improve the quality of service delivery of the Grama Panchayats in the priorities of the local areas and effective management of public resources.
  8. To develop vibrant village communities with an in depth and sustainable knowledge of integrated rural development.
  9. To create awareness about rural energy and to disseminate the innovative technology.
  10. To ensure integrated development of western ghat region.
  11. To remove barriers in the development of basic amenities.
  12. To improve rural sanitation.
  13. To ensure transparency in administration.

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